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The Green Medicine Chest: Healthy Treasures for the Whole Family

Are pharmaceutical drugs making you or your family sick?

Do you want to use safe, earth-friendly medicines?

Do you know how to effectively use supplements and natural remedies to build optimal health?

66% of the U.S. population consults alternative health care providers and over 70% take supplements, but many people don’t know how to use these methods effectively.  This family health companion shows you how to address:

Acne, Bed-wetting, Childhood vaccinations, Colds, Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue, Food allergies, Headaches, Insomnia, Low libido, Low thyroid, Menstrual cramps, Prostatitis, Teething, and much more.

Both scholarly and soulful, both intellectual and entertaining, this gem of a book has inspiring information for general readers, as well as enough scientific rigor to appeal to health care professionals.  Keep this on hand in the family library, or on the waiting room table for your patients.  Highly recommended!” – Dr Jillian Stansbury, N.D.

It’s rare to find a non-fiction book about self care that reads like a good collection of short stories.  Dr. Boice has such a warm and friendly voice, and the information she relays is thorough and practical in every sense of the word. I keep The Green Medicine Chest close at hand so when I hear the first sneeze, complaints of fatigue, or of encounters with poison ivy, I can come to the rescue with the types of treatments I prefer.   – Leigh Fortson, Embrace, Release, Heal