Wellness Blueprint: Mapping Your Journey to Health

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all wellness programs that

lead you NOWHERE?

Are you lost trying to figure out how to be healthy?

Do you want a roadmap that guides you to full health?

WELLNESS BLUEPRINT: Mapping Your Journey to Health offers you the map of the territory so you can blaze your own trail to health.

Join Dr. Judith Boice on this SIX WEEK JOURNEY as you:

-Travel into the heart of your deepest desires
-Explore the pathways that will guide you to your chosen destination
-Discover credible, research-based roadways to reach your True North

Mapping Your Journey To Health supports you in learning the territory of health and the provisions you will require to make the journey.
Important weekly destinations on the journey:

Signpost 1: What is Your True North?
How do we develop diseaseand restore health?

Signpost 2Eating to Live

Signpost 3Move to Your Groove

Signpost 4Clear Mind, PeacefulHeart

Signpost 5: Clean Body, Healthy Home

Signpost 6: Your Questions Answered

Join Dr. Judith Boice, your guide for this six-week journey to YOUR desired level of health.

Each week you will join Dr. Boice for a 60-minute on-line presentation. 
You will:

-explore your current state of health
-clarify where you want to go
-discover the best pathways to traverse the terrain

In addition, you will receive a copy of “But My Doctor Never Told Me That!”: Secrets for Creating Lifelong Health and other support materials.

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