Michael Reed Gach

Acupressure Healing Points for Relieving Pain & Stress

Michael Reed Gach, Author & International Expert on Acupressure Therapy, founded the Acupressure Institute in 1976 and directed it for 33 years. He’s taught over 200,000 people. Michael now teaches two exciting online Acupressure Training Programs:

AcupressureMastery Online Program covers 60 major points and demonstrates 10 point formulates for healing others. Another online course is the Acupressure Pain Relief Self-Care Solution which covers 50 self-healing routines.


Wellness Acupressure & 8 Immune Boosting Points
Discover how to find and use eight immune boosting acupressure points. Contains illustrations showing how to use these points for yourself & others. Each wellness acupressure point fortifies your body’s vital systems: the lymph, digestive, eliminatory, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and endocrine systems.

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