Healing Body & Soul 48-Hour Encore Performance!
Begins 10am PT Saturday October 28 until
10am PT Tuesday October 31, 2017.

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  • Martin Gray – Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites and the Evolution of Consciousness
  • Alan Watson Featherstone – Healing Nature, Healing Ourselves
  • Jared Zeff, ND – Nature Cure and the Process of Healing
  • David Crow – The Ecological Spirituality of Natural Medicine
  • Michael Reed Gach – Acupressure Healing Points for Relieving Pain and Stress
  • Girish – How to Heal Yourself Through the Yogic Art of Chanting
  • Charley Cropley, ND – Toxemia: The Wisdom of Illness
  • Michael Brill – Everyone’s Life Has a Written Guarantee of Success
  • Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO – Be Your Own Hero
  • Lara Owen – Her Blood is Gold
  • Bodhi Be – Showing Up for Death, Nourishing Life
  • Dr. Molly Scott – Creative Resonance-Deep Story: Healing with the Embodied Voice
  • Ian White – 
  • Stephen Buhner – Plant Intelligence
  • RJ Stewart – The Permeating Earth-Light
  • Janet Conner – There Is No Spiritual Life; There Is Only Life
  • Vicki Noble – Oracles: Discerning the Voice of the Goddess
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell – Returning to Wholeness Through Sound
  • Amanda McQuade-Crawford – The Future of Healing
  • Yvonne Farrell – The Alchemy of Acupuncture: Health and Wholeness Through Ancient Wisdom
  • Brett Hawes – Looking Backwards Towards the Future: How Traditional Spiritual Healing Transforms the Body
  • Ann Marie Holmes – Healing Our Body and Soul in Our Homes
  • Jacqueline Freeman – The Healing Wisdom of Bees
  • James Kiji Waters and Kelly Pavlovic – Learning to Walk in Balance: Discover the Magic of Life’s Four Stepping Stones
  • Robert Fritz – Identity
  • Andrew Newberg, MD – Neurotheology and Healing
  • Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO – The Biology of Enlightenment

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