First Nations, Earth and Spirit Keepers

  Jim Great Elk Waters and

Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic

Learning to Walk in Balance: Discover the Magic of Life’s Four Stepping Stones

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Jim and Kelly are your guides on the Path to Powaka. Everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life. Learn to Live in Balance through the mastery of four foundational Stepping Stones – Fear, Time, Joy, and Vision. Elder, Shawano Mide’ Jim Great Elk Waters, brings a most unique presence. For over 800 moons, Great Elk has been imbued with a priceless collection of wisdom and knowledge. Woman of the Seventh Generation, Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic, is a practicing Mide’ whose energy brings an inherent balance to this most unusual and exciting team. Together, like two peas in a pod, and with their own unique backgrounds, they walk with you on your path to discover your own true Destiny.


First Gift: View from the Medicine Lodge (digital version) – In this collection of essays, stories, and poems, Jim Great Elk Waters opens up his lodge to those drawn to the world that lies within

Second Gift: Learn to Walk in Balance – “An introductory, no obligation-no cost, phone consultation with the WisdomKeepers, covering one of the Four Stepping Stones of Life that you would like to explore or get advice. Help yourself to find your right Path in Life!”

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