Goddess Wisdom

Janet Conner

There is no spiritual life. There is only life.

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Janet Conner is a writer, soul-community creator, poet, and spiritual field guide–but first and always, a deep soul explorer. She’s the author of the bestselling Writing Down Your Soul, The Lotus and The Lily, Find Your Soul’s Purpose and more. She hosts The Soul-Directed Life radio show serving over 200,000 listeners.


Seven Steps to Get Into Theta VIDEO

45-minute teaching video on the 7 simple steps that shift your writing from journaling to deep soul writing

Vicki Noble

Oracles: Discerning the Voice of the Goddess

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Vicki Noble is a radical feminist healer, author, independent scholar and wisdom teacher. Born in 1947 and raised in Iowa, she awakened to the Goddess and Women’s Spirituality on her arrival in Berkeley, California in 1976. Through a ‘shamanic healing crisis’, she opened psychically to the healing, art, yoga, and divination processes that led to the creation of the Motherpeace tarot. Since then she has written several books, including Shakti Woman (a handbook for healers) and The Double Goddess (a history of female shamanism). She has developed a powerful ritual healing process, teaches and lectures internationally, and has led tours of women on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites around the world.

Vicki has raised two daughters – Robyn and Brooke – and lives in Santa Cruz, California, with her special son Aaron Eagle, who was the subject of her book, Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle. She teaches in the Women’s Spirituality Masters program at  Sofia University, Palo Alto, California (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). In her teaching she combines Buddhism, feminism, yoga, shamanism, and Goddess worship with a special focus on the female lineage of healers since ancient times.


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