6- Week Green Medicine Chest Training

Discover the power and magic of plant medicines for

  • Addressing common illnesses
  • Treating home care emergencies
  • Restoring health
  • Increasing vitality

 In this comprehensive 6-week virtual training, you will learn how to use four “octaves” of plant medicines:

  • Herbs
  • Essential oil
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Flower essences

Join a Master, Dr. Judith, in her classroom where she awakens for you the ancient healing wisdom in the earth. With this unprecedented offering you will have everything – I mean everything – you need to strengthen your body & fill up your green medicine chest to practice for yourself. This is a must-have, hands-on contribution to sustainability. 


Ann Marie Holmes, author of Earth Spirit Living

Bonus 1: Hydrotherapy for the Whole Family

60-minute training shows you powerful ways to restore your digestive tract, address pain, and boost your immune system. We won’t have time to cover this life-changing information, so I’m making this additional training available to you so that you have this important, powerful healing tool.

Value: $97

Bonus 2: Q&A Call

As you put this powerful information into practice, you likely will have more questions. I’ve got you covered with a 90-minute Q&A call happening at the end of our six-week training (a bonus Week 7). Can’t come to the call live? You can pre-submit your questions and I’ll answer them for you!

Value $197 (really priceless!)

Bonus 3: 30-Minute “Next Step Session” with Dr. Judith

During this 1-on-1 session, we’ll have a laser-focused conversation about what is your Next Step toward creating long-lasting health and vitality for you and your family. With this crystal-clear vision, you can renew the blueprint for your journey toward health. (This is not a diagnosis session! We’ll be looking at your heath goals in general but I will not be “prescribing” any course of treatment to you.)

Value $247

These Bonuses are available until June 21 at Midnight PDT

I thought the class was incredible. I actually learned how to make flower essences and probably will do it in the future. The information on homeopathics was staggering. This is the first class I have ever taken (including 7 years of college) where I could not take notes fast enough to keep up with the new lecture information. And, I learned that essential oils are much more concentrated than I knew.

Catie Bucher, Yogic Meditation & Essence Qi Gong Instructor

I had to write you immediately after I finished taking your course, The Green Medicine Chest ™. What an amazing education you deliver in just two DVDs! This is by far the best source I have found for understanding how to apply natural medicine in my daily life. Thank you for further awakening my own natural healer and for teaching me how to respond to a wide range of illnesses and injuries by using “green” medicine.

-Kathleen Luiten, Medical Intuitive and Healer

Judith Boice speaks from both experience and inspiration. As a highly qualified practitioner who has worked with many patients, and as a visionary who sees and understands the hidden aspects of the Green World, Dr Boice offers us practical support and deep insights in equal measure.


RJ Stewart, Author, Musician and Teacher

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