The Power of Self-Care

Charley Cropley, N.D.

Master Your Behavior; Master Your Illness

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Charley Cropley, ND (registered) practices in Boulder CO since 1979. He’s trained hundreds of doctors in Self-Healing, lectures at the colleges of Naturopathic Medicine and regularly leads courses and retreats. He has been voted best alternative Health care practitioner in Boulder four of the last six years.

Dr. Cropley works with all types of Health problems using no medicines or supplements. He teaches his clients to dramatically improve their Health & Vitality through four practices, which he himself lives.

1. Wholesome Nutrition & Fasting

2. Strengthening Exercise & Deep Rest

3. Healthy Thinking

4. Honest, Caring Relationships


Toxemia: The Wisdom of Illness
This presentation offers a brilliant and simple explanation of how self-harming behavior causes sickness. You learn how suppressing the symptoms of illness without addressing the behavioral causes the illness to grow worse. Healing occurs by listening compassionately to the Wisdom of your body.

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