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Dr. Judith Boice, Host


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Stephen Harrod Buhne
Plant Intelligence

Robert Fritz

Michael Reed Gach
Acupressure Healing Points for Relieving Pain and Stress

Jacqueline Freeman
The Healing Wisdom of Bees

Brett Hawes
Looking Backwards Towards the Future: How Traditional Spiritual Healing Transforms the Body

Alan Watson Featherstone
Healing Nature, Healing Ourselves

How to Heal Yourself Through the Yogic Art of Chanting

Lise Alschuler, ND FABNO
Be Your Own Hero

Charley Cropley, N.D.
Toxemia: The Wisdom of Illness

 Emma Kupu Mitchell
Returning to Wholeness Through Sound

Janet Conner
There Is No Spiritual Life; There Is Only Life

David Crow, L.Ac.
The Ecological Spirituality of Natural Medicine

Michael Brill
Everyone’s Life Has a Written Guarantee of Success

Lara Owen
Her Blood is Gold

RJ Stewart
The Permeating Earth-Light

Martin Gray
Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites and the Evolution of Consciousness


Bodhi Be
Showing Up for Death, Nourishing Life

Jared Zeff, ND
Nature Cure and the Process of Healing

Dr. Molly Scott
Creative Resonance-Deep Story: Healing with the Embodied Voice

Ann Marie Holmes
Healing Our Body and Soul in Our Homes

Yvonne Farrell
The Alchemy of Acupuncture: Health and Wholeness Through Ancient Wisdom

Jim Great Elk &
Kelly Talking Heron
Learning to Walk in Balance: Discover the Magic of Life’s Four Stepping Stones

Andrew Newberg, MD
Neurotheology and Healing

Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO
The Biology of Enlightenment

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