Planting seeds: Healing Body and Soul Summit

Last night I was reflecting on the similarities between cultivating the garden in my backyard and the garden of our human lives. In the afternoon swelter, I looked through the heirloom seed packets my friend Ruth had stored in the garage. I was looking for seeds to press into the late summer soil in the two raised beds behind the house. I felt my heart swell with love for these tiny points of...
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10 steps to a healthy relationship with your cordless and cell phones

What can you do to decrease your risk while using cell phones? Below are 10 things you can do: 1.     Use the speakerphone option as much as possible and hold the phone away from your body. 2.     Choose earbuds with air tubes and avoid using a Bluetooth. The electromagnetic field radiation is one-fourth the strength at a distance of two inches and fifty times lower at three feet. 3.     Avoid...
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Brain Cancer: Is It Time to Divorce Your Cell Phone?

Many people lavish more attention on their cell phone than they do on their mate or children. The cell phone is their first encounter in the morning and their last at night. They talk to it, stroke it, and tuck it close to their most intimate parts. They laugh, smirk, yell and cry to their cell phones. For many, their cell phone is their closest confidante, and their most beguiling source of...
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EMF Protection

Cell phones have been linked with dramatically increased risk of brain cancer for men and women; breast cancer in women who store their phones in their bra; and reduced fertility for men and women who carry cell phones in their pants pockets. For the last few weeks I have been sharing information about the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and non-ionizing radiation on your health. This...
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Essential Oils for Athlete’s Foot

Completely eliminating athlete’s foot can be a challenge because the fungus that causes this itchy, painful condition thrives in damp, warm, dark environment – exactly the habitat inside your shoes and socks! Recent research shows that a hot water bath (42 C, which is 107.6 F) for 20 minutes can kill 99.7% of the fungus. Adding essential oils dramatically increases the fungicidal...
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Children and essential oils

  Many people assume that essential oils are safe because they are “natural.” Remember that one drop of an essential oils is roughly equivalent to 30 cups of tea! Small children and pets are especially sensitive to essential oils because, unlike adults, they do not have  completely developed liver detoxification pathways. Never leave an essential oil diffuser going continuously...
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What is the most effective way to use essential oils? (Hint: it is probably NOT what you think)

Dr. Judith Boice shares seven myths about essential oils and how to use them safely.

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